Reaching Gen Z Through Brand Experience, Why New Product Sampling is Crucial, & the State of Marketing Attribution and Measurement  (The White Board)

19 January 2018

The brand experience is defined in many ways, and can encompass a variety of touch points. Defined by an article published in the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Journals of Marketing, “Brand experience is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are part of a...

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Experiential Marketing Trends You Need to Know in the New Year

18 January 2018

Are you among the 37% of people who plan to exercise more in 2018? This resolution tops the list for the 68% of Americans who set goals for the New Year. And, it seems many of them will look to the same type of exercise – high intensity interval training (HIIT). Though considered this year’s top fitness trend, the fact is, HIIT sessions have...

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This is the Best Way to Hire Event Staff in 2018

17 January 2018

"Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it." - Timothy R. Clark, Former Two-time CEO and Author

Are you among the growing number of marketers who will soon increase their experiential marketing spend? A 2017 report tells 27% of North American marketers will begin to set aside between 20% and 50% of...

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Experiential Events Keep Luxury Brands Relevant, Mixing Retro and Tech to Engage Audiences, & How One Brand Experience Can Equal a Year’s Worth of Marketing (The White Board)

12 January 2018

When brands invest in experiential events, often they are looking to achieve a variety of goals. Many are looking to increase sales and win new customers by building brand loyalty through intimate consumer interactions. Ohers use experiential events to launch or test a new product or service before large-scale distribution. Some see...

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Top 7 Traits of the Right Promo Staffing Agency

10 January 2018

Did you know, for some Americans, the journey to buy a vehicle can last up to three months? It starts by making a list of potential brands, which are reviewed and shortened over the coming weeks. For those brands that remain, we’ll get hands-on with test drives and evaluate our financing options before making our final decisions.

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This is Why the Right Promo Staff Deliver Event Success

08 January 2018

At Elevate, we help fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies create killer product sampling campaigns. From new brands looking to make a stunning impact, through to established brands trying to recapture their share of a market, we work with a wide variety of clients.

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Event Trends that Will Shape the Industry, Predictions for Corporate Event Marketers, & How Brands Practice Story-Living (The White Board)

05 January 2018

With each new year, we have seen new experiential marketing technologies and event trends emerge. Often these innovations come as a relief to event marketers. They create efficiencies, improve data collection, and enhance consumer engagement. Yet, some change the face of the industry itself, and give new life to how we execute face-to-face...

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This is the Only Event Staffing Strategy You Need

04 January 2018

The more brand tailored and fine-tuned your strategy is, the better your results will be. From profiling to messaging, this applies to just about every aspect of marketing.

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5 Ways to Be Better at Street Team Marketing

29 December 2017

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Imagine you met the person of your dreams or the hiring manager for your ideal job during the time you just spent counting. Did you say exactly what you needed to? Did you portray your true self? Because, an article reveals that’s all the time you have to make a good first impression – seven whole...

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Experiential Marketing Tools You Need to Have in 2018

27 December 2017


For many U.S. families, a hallmark of the holiday season is a trip around town to see the best Christmas light displays. And, often they’re not disappointed. Take one New Jersey home for example. It boasts a 36-foot Christmas tree with more than 50,000 lights, but that’s just the start. Visitors also enjoy an hour-long show that features...

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