Here are the Top Brand Activations from Comic Con

20 November 2018

In the event of a zombie outbreak, will you survive? A list of “facts” about zombies states your physical fitness “will have a significant influence” on your odds. You’ll also need ample supplies – up to three months of food and water, a gas-powered generator, fuel, as well as weapons and training. But, for those who haven’t done proper...

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New Research Explains the Connection Between Events and Brand Loyalty (The White Board)

16 November 2018

Key Takeaways:

  • Experiential marketing leader Citi recently released a study that shows that consumers are more loyal and engage more frequently with a brand they interact with at an event.
  • There are science-based techniques we can use to help consumers make decision in our world of “choice overload,” once being in-store sampling.
  • In the...
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Automotive Marketing Campaigns: How to Win New Buyers

14 November 2018

Inside the Selfridges department store in London – the menswear floor to be exact – sits a Land Rover Defender Works V8. The vehicle, the 70th edition of the ever-popular model, celebrates its maker’s 70th birthday. Yet, it also pays homage to the high-end retail chain and British tradition that is Selfridges, its logo emblazoned on the...

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Creative Pop-Up Shops Do These 5 Things

13 November 2018

 “Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.” – Tony Robbins

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Challenger Brands Find Marketing Disruption Through Experiential (The White Board)

09 November 2018

Key Takeaways:

  • Challenger brands are finding success in disrupting industries and the way they market to consumers through experiential.
  • When it comes to purpose-driven marketing, brands that select a cause that integrates with their objectives and core values will find more success.
  • Pop-ups have the opportunity to embrace unconventional...
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5 Ways Holiday Pop-Up Shops Can Boost Results

07 November 2018

If your stock portfolio included Wayfair this year, you likely haven’t been disappointed with the online home retailer’s performance. In late August, The Motley Fool reported “2018 Could Be This Stock’s Best Year Yet.” At mid-year, it had seen a 48% increase, though the S&P 500 sat just below a 2% uptick. But, it wasn’t what Wayfair executives...

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People Build Brand Communities, Not Marketers (The White Board)

02 November 2018

Key Takeaways:

  • Brand communities are organic, meaningful ways for brands to gain traction with consumers. But organic is the key word. Marketers can support communities, but only people can build them.
  • 23andMe’s pop-up experience shows how service brands can develop engaging brand experiences that educate and entertain.
  • Food waste continues to...
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Event Spotlight: Swedish Fish

01 November 2018

As much as we might try to fight our cravings, most of us have a weakness for candy. Especially when the candy reminds you of childhood, both in flavor and branding. For candy brand Swedish Fish, invoking a certain level of nostalgia comes easily. Being the original, and number 1, fish-shaped candy in the world, the candy has built a cult...

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Small Business Saturday: Now is the Time to Plan

29 October 2018

“Regrets are born of paths never taken.” – Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies

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The Right Way to Combine Experiential Marketing with Social Media (The White Board)

26 October 2018

Key Takeaways:

  • Using social media in conjunction with experiential is par for the course. Unfortunately, many brands are getting it wrong.
  • For brands that exist entirely online, experiential principles can translate to an improved digital UX as well.
  • All companies want to nurture customers toward brand loyalty. However they should not confuse...
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