Elevate's Favorite Events: Soap & Glory

26 January 2018

When Soap & Glory decided to roll out their first ever UK national tour, they approached Elevate. That was in 2015, and since then the relationship has gone from strength to strength. Being the first major experiential campaign that Soap & Glory had engaged in, high expectations were set. As an experienced staffing agency, Elevate was ready to...

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A Closer Look at Specialized Brand Ambassadors: Oculus

23 August 2017

Oculus is a virtual reality brand that has redefined digital entertainment. Over the past 3 years, Elevate has worked with Oculus to demonstrate next-generation virtual reality to hundreds of thousands of consumers, across four different programs across eighteen  countries. Elevate are proud to be identified by Oculus as “a true extension of...

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A Closer Look at Specialized Brand Ambassadors: Soap & Glory

19 July 2017

Soap & Glory is a fearless, fabulous and fun loving UK based beauty brand that promises the “best bang for your beauty buck” with a mission to ignite girls to look and act with kick-ass femininity. In 2016, Soap & Glory pushed their presence across the UK and US markets activating at festivals, on campus, beauty events and retail stores,...

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Brand Ambassadors in Action: Pinterest at Cannes

07 July 2017

As part of the launch of Pinterest's exciting new ‘Lens’ technology, Elevate attended the Cannes Lions Festival, one of the largest worldwide events for those working in the creative marketing, advertising and communications field. The Pinterest Lens is a new experimental technology that lets you use the camera in your Pinterest app to...

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