August's Brand Ambassador of the Month

11 September 2017

Sarah Brooke S.

Since the summer of 2016, we have helped with several campaigns with Three Olives. The brand ambassadors are actively engaging consumers nationwide in bars or restaurants, handing out samples and spreading the word about Three Olives Vodka. 

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October's Brand Ambassador of the Month

23 August 2017

Nick D.

Nick has been working as a brand ambassador with Elevate since 2015, and as an Oculus Demo Specialist since the program's inception in 2016. He has proven time and again how great of an asset he is to the team, and we can always depend that when he is onsite, everything will run smoothly. 

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July's Brand Ambassador of the Month

26 July 2017

Justin P.

For over the past three years,Elevate has become the preferred staffing supplier for Oculus with certified brand ambassadors assigned to deliver in-house demonstrations, and when the Oculus Anywhere program was launched in April 2016, Justin was a part of the very first team, and has been doing an amazing job since.

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June's Brand Ambassador of the Month...

26 June 2017

Victoria A.

The Hangar 1 Vodka program has been active since August 2016 and has had over 300 activations throughout the state of California. Victoria has been working consistently on the Hangar 1 program since April, and is always a pleasure to work with.

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An Introduction to Elevate Staffing

06 June 2017


We are elevate.

Let me introduce ourselves - we are a staffing agency. This means that the leading agencies and brands trust us to choose and manage the brand ambassadors that represent their brands on the front line of consumer engagement.

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