Event Spotlight: Next Feel Good Gym

06 February 2019

The start of a new year is often seen as a good time to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Often, typical New Year's resolutions involve eating nutritiously, taking time for one's self, and committing to a regular exercise routine. However, for many, it's easy to fall back into bad habits, especially in the wake of the holidays. To help people stay...

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Event Spotlight: NYC Petcon 2018

23 January 2019

Whether you prefer dogs or cats, most pet owners consider their furry live-in a family member. Peoples' passion for their pets is a part of their identity, which makes it easy for them to bond with other fur moms and dads. In fact, there are events that are designed to cater to the pet owner community, such as PetCon. This year, in New York...

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Event Spotlight: Wendy's - Collect Tailgate Tour

10 January 2019

For many Americans, college football season is the best time of the year. And whether you are devoted to the Georgia Bulldogs or a UCLA Bruins, for many fans, game day is all about tailgating. Consider the fact that, on average, more than 42,000 people attend each NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) game, yet 10% of tailgaters don't...

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Event Spotlight: Nature Valley - Hike a Million

02 January 2019

Summer is all about warm weather, family experiences, and the great outdoors. In an effort to take advantage of the season's relaxing vibe, this past summer Nature Valley partnered with Allionce agency to distribute samples of their granola bars at the ultimate family summer destination - the zoo. With the help of Elevate Staffing, brand...

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Event Spotlight: Lyft Ornament Decorating

20 December 2018

The holiday season is a time when people from all walks of life look forward to spending time with their loved ones. This sentiment-charged environment makes the holidays one of the best times for brands to contribute to their experiences. It allows companies to engage with consumers by using activities that surround seasonal festivities,...

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Event Spotlight: San Miguel - Find Your Rich

13 December 2018

What does "rich" mean to you? To some it means financial wealth; to others it means amassing positive experiences with loved ones. To help people discover what rich means to them, beer brand San Miguel created a multi-sensory experience using RFID technology. The activation consisted of 4 rooms, each focused on stimulating one of the senses,...

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Event Spotlight: Desperado's

05 December 2018

The age of experience is by no means limited to products and services. Many hospitality brands have been embracing brand experiences to better serve the needs and wants of their consumers. For places like bars and nightclubs, using experiential has been crucial in differentiating themselves and, in some cases, contributed to the survival of the...

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Event Spotlight: Leerdammer Cheese

26 November 2018

Did you know there are over 1,831 specialty cheeses from over 74 countries?  While this number is broken down further into different varieties, its safe to say that cheese brands need to go the extra mile to differentiate themselves and bring their brand personality to consumers. Leerdammer is one of these brands. Originating from Holland, the...

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Event Spotlight: Swedish Fish

01 November 2018

As much as we might try to fight our cravings, most of us have a weakness for candy. Especially when the candy reminds you of childhood, both in flavor and branding. For candy brand Swedish Fish, invoking a certain level of nostalgia comes easily. Being the original, and number 1, fish-shaped candy in the world, the candy has built a cult...

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Snickers @ Life is Beautiful Festival

17 October 2018

Hanger (anger caused by extreme feelings of hunger) is a very real phenomenon. It can hit anyone at any time, and can result in behavior that is off-character. In fact, Snickers coined the phrase "you're not you when you're hungry," establishing itself as the go-to cure for the affliction.

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