Event Spotlight: San Miguel - Find Your Rich

13 December 2018

What does "rich" mean to you? To some it means financial wealth; to others it means amassing positive experiences with loved ones. To help people discover what rich means to them, beer brand San Miguel created a multi-sensory experience using RFID technology. The activation consisted of 4 rooms, each focused on stimulating one of the senses,...

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Event Spotlight: Desperado's

05 December 2018

The age of experience is by no means limited to products and services. Many hospitality brands have been embracing brand experiences to better serve the needs and wants of their consumers. For places like bars and nightclubs, using experiential has been crucial in differentiating themselves and, in some cases, contributed to the survival of the...

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Event Spotlight: Leerdammer Cheese

26 November 2018

Did you know there are over 1,831 specialty cheeses from over 74 countries?  While this number is broken down further into different varieties, its safe to say that cheese brands need to go the extra mile to differentiate themselves and bring their brand personality to consumers. Leerdammer is one of these brands. Originating from Holland, the...

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Event Spotlight: Swedish Fish

01 November 2018

As much as we might try to fight our cravings, most of us have a weakness for candy. Especially when the candy reminds you of childhood, both in flavor and branding. For candy brand Swedish Fish, invoking a certain level of nostalgia comes easily. Being the original, and number 1, fish-shaped candy in the world, the candy has built a cult...

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Snickers @ Life is Beautiful Festival

17 October 2018

Hanger (anger caused by extreme feelings of hunger) is a very real phenomenon. It can hit anyone at any time, and can result in behavior that is off-character. In fact, Snickers coined the phrase "you're not you when you're hungry," establishing itself as the go-to cure for the affliction.

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Event Spotlight: Caulipower

11 October 2018

The recent push towards leading a healthier lifestyle has opened up a new world of opportunities for food-based entrepreneurs. Consumers are seeking out food and beverage choices that are better for them, however they still love their old, not-so-healthy favorites. As a result, brands are rising to the challenge and finding good-for-you...

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Event Spotlight: CHUM Fruit Bites

04 October 2018

According to a 2016 Salesforce study, it takes between 6-8 touchpoints for a brand to generate a solid sales lead. This means that a brand has to interact with a consumer multiple times  in order to establish a connection and win them over. Guerrilla marketing is a "surprise and delight" experiential tactic that many brands incorporate as one...

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Event Spotlight: Crush x Schweppes

26 September 2018

Product sampling is one of the most tried and true methods within experiential, and for good reason. It works. Product sampling campaigns have shown to boost sales for a variety of products. Even better, sampling programs can meet consumers where they shop, such as grocery stores or other retail partners. This enables brands that are on a tight...

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Event Spotlight: Brancott Estate

19 September 2018

The art of wine making has a long and rich history. Because of this, most wineries have a rich history of their own. Both through the process they follow and the story of how they got their start, wine makers take great pride in what sets their wine apart. For Brancott Estates, this meant they were the first to produce Marlborough Sauvignon...

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Event Spotlight: Tetley's Roadshow

12 September 2018

Now more than ever, people across the globe are becoming increasingly health conscious. This is in the most part due to increased access to information, as well as educational programs and initiatives surrounding eating healthy, moving daily, and utilizing preventative medicine. This rise in awareness has also changed our buying patterns. These...

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