This is the Only Event Staffing Strategy You Need

04 January 2018

The more brand tailored and fine-tuned your strategy is, the better your results will be. From profiling to messaging, this applies to just about every aspect of marketing.

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What Goes into Elevate's Staffing Delivery

20 September 2017

There is far more to experiential staffing than simply providing a client with brand ambassadors for their activation. From the start, we make it our prerogative to understand each campaign and tailor the staffing solutions to ensure we meet the client’s brief. Whilst each campaign is different, we still face the same tasks and challenges, no...

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Do You Know the Brand Ambassadors Representing Your Brand?

30 August 2017

How well do you know the staff representing your agency on site? If they walked up to your client and delivered the event’s talking points, would you beam with pride or cringe with embarrassment? Maybe you don’t know because perhaps you don’t really know who you’ve hired?

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5 Things to Remember when Briefing your Staffing Partner

16 August 2017

Briefing your staffing provider may seem like the most straight forward task on your ‘To Do’ list, but the value in giving these briefs the fullest depth and consideration can be undervalued. You’re an expert marketer who’s delivered hundreds of activations involving promotional staff. Is there a way to brief your staffing agency better? Here’s...

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